Google Wins The Super Bowl

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Colton Gray
February 11, 2022

In 2010, Drew Brees led the New Orleans Saints to their first Super Bowl win defeating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. As a New Orleans native, this game will forever be engraved into my memory as one of the most exciting moments to be a New Orleanian. Parades erupted throughout New Orleans and the celebrations continued on for days, eventually leading into what some will say was the best Mardi Gras of the decade. To this day, it’s still common to attend a New Orleans Super Bowl Sunday Party and see family & friends wearing their beloved Saints jerseys from seasons past – all watching Super Bowl XLIV.

Despite how much I cherish the 2010 Saints VS. Colts matchup, my favorite 60-second clip from Super Bowl XLIV isn’t actually from the game itself … but from an advertisement that Google presented in the third quarter. 12 years later and this ad is still held in high regard for being one of the best Super Bowl advertisements yet.

Google’s ad “Parisian Love” succeeded due to its ability to display the key features of Google’s search engine all while keeping us engaged in a romantic love story that pulls on our heartstrings while remaining simple enough to follow. “Parisian Love” grasps viewers' attention by combining quickly changing texts and pages with wonderfully paired music and ambient noises that work in accompaniment to convey the developing emotions throughout the story. Over the course of the video, one user's Google searches are shown as he falls in love with a woman while studying abroad in Paris. What happens when the Google search engine is the only visual aspect for the video? Viewers are seeing Google’s logo constantly while also familiarizing themselves with the search engine. As the video continues, Google uses the developing storyline to display real life uses for their search engine while still keeping the vibe of the story intact.

Google’s Creative Agency did a spectacular job on this advertisement and I’m super excited to see what Google brings us for Super Bowl 2022.

I’ve seen “Parisian Love” over a thousand times and still get the same heartwarming feeling I did when I first viewed the ad. If you don’t feel even a little emotional watching it then I really just don’t know what to tell ya.

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