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Delicious Sips was facing a common issue for many business owners - finding new customers. Flipped Car Marketing developed a two-step plan to help Delicious Sips scale their business by starting with a revamped brand to showcase their authority in their industry.

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Delicious Sips Coffee Roasters

Delicious Sips Coffee Roasters was created 17 years ago to operate as a one-stop-shop for all coffee toll-roasting services. Since then, Andrew Madary (Founder & Owner) has worked with several freelancers and agencies to secure a clear brand for Delicious Sips. Unfortunately, Andrew struggled to find a good fit and encountered issues when the product he received was not what he had hoped for.

When we first met Andrew, we ensured him that working with Flipped Car Marketing would be different. We've never left a client with an end product they aren't pleased with, and we sure as hell weren't going to let him be our first - he's just too nice of a guy.

After meeting the Delicious Sips team and getting a grasp on their values, goals, history, and competition, we got to work building their brand.

Discovering the Brand Values

From the get-go, it was clear that Delicious Sips is an incredibly value-driven company. So, we decided to place what matters most at the forefront of their brand. During our website design process, we incorporated a tab solely for their brand values. This way, it's easy for new customers to determine what matters to Delicious Sips and what sort of partnership to expect. 

We asked the Delicious Sips team to brainstorm five values that reflect what their business is all about, and they came back to us with the following:

  • History
  • Quality
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
  • Warmth

Whether you're a potential customer looking to learn more about Delicious Sips, a business owner looking for inspiration to craft your own brand values, or just an interested reader, you can learn more about the role each value plays in Delicious Sips' operations here.

Revamping the Brand Elements

With these brand values in mind, we began conceptualizing how to best represent Delicious Sips through digital elements - in particular, a new logo. The logo they were using at the start of our project was the same one they'd been using since starting Delicious Sips. It certainly wasn't a bad logo, but it was outdated. Andrew and his team felt that an updated, more graphic heavy logo could give Delicious Sips more of a competitive edge, and we agreed.

Delicious Sips Logo: Before FCM

We began by asking the Delicious Sips team to decide on a color palette. Our favorite tool for this is Coolors, a website that auto-generates an endless array of color choices and allows you to manually adjust and lock in your favorites until you've reached the perfect palette.

After solidifying the color palette, we mocked up four potential logos. After reviewing each option with the Delicious Sips team, we compiled our feedback and presented a new idea: a logo incorporating an industrial coffee roaster, identical to one Delicious Sips uses in their roastery every day.

Their team absolutely loved this idea. We knew we had a winning concept, but we also knew we didn't have the skillset necessary to create such a detailed design. Instead of trying to keep our operations in-house (which likely would've led to wasted hours, a novice design, and overall dissatisfaction) we were honest with the Delicious Sips team and recommended a freelancer to complete this aspect of our project. The Delicious Sips team appreciated our honesty and was happy to try our proposed solution. So, we reached out to our dear friend Monique Parker, who created a new logo that blew us all away.

Delicious Sips Logo: After FCM

Now that we had a logo everyone was ecstatic about, we created an array of business assets for Delicious Sips to use: social media posts, graphic flyers, email headers, proposal documents, print documents, presentation slides, business cards, and more. We incorporated the new logo and color palettes into each of these assets, ultimately providing Delicious Sips with an arsenal of streamlined, branded, and easily-customizable templates for any and all business needs.

Crafting the Brand Story: The History Behind Each Sip

After finalizing a clear brand direction, we began our final step of the revamping process: crafting the perfect brand story. This is one of our favorite elements of any rebranding project, and its importance cannot be understated. The brand story is your business' opportunity to connect with your clients by showcasing your history, passion, and desired impact. The more authentic your brand story is, the more likely you are to turn curious browsers into loyal customers.

Your business has a story to tell, and we're here to share that story with the world.

To ensure we created the perfect brand story, we asked Andrew to walk us through Delicious Sips' history in detail. We learned what the company means to him, his family, their clients, and the Greater New Orleans population. This is a moment where we asked Andrew not to spare any detail, even the ones that may not seem important - the better we understood Delicious Sips, the more authentic their brand story would be.

While writing the brand story, we experimented with different  styles, tones, and approaches until we were sure we had something perfect. After completing our initial draft, we walked through every line with Andrew. After a final review, Delicious Sips had a brand story they were proud to share with the world - a story that truly encompassed The History Behind Each Sip.

Check it out here.

Our Reflections

Working with the Delicious Sips team was such a rewarding treat: their passion for the world of coffee is so obvious in everything they do. Getting to help bring their business into the digital world was an honor, and we learned a lot along the way.

One of our biggest takeaways from this project was coming to terms with the fact that you can't do everything yourself. And hey, even if you really think you can, that doesn't mean you should!

Running a business is tough work - nobody expects you to be an all-knowing expert in every area of your business. As soon as we realized our logo mockups weren't giving Delicious Sips what they wanted, we knew we had to figure out something else. If we had been hard-headed and refused to consider outside help, we would've held up the entire rebranding process - potentially costing Delicious Sips business - and wasted our own time.

When you realize you're struggling to complete something, looking for help is the smartest thing you can do. Whether it's the business world or your personal life, always consider the opportunity cost of what you're focusing on: will asking for help allow you to create more overall value? If so, what are you waiting for? Ask for help, damnit. Stop trying to master everything alone!

Want to read more about the professional benefits of recognizing when you need help? Check out our blog post (link here) on how our project with Delicious Sips initially began.

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