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Like many small businesses, Royal Blend Coffee & Tea struggled with finding time to manage their social media accounts.

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Royal Blend Coffee & Tea

When Royal Blend asked us for help, we were ecstatic - we have an extensive coffee industry background and love working with local New Orleans business owners. It was a perfect fit.

To kick off our work, we sat down with the Royal Blend owners to get a better understanding of their business, customers, and goals. We ran through a series of questions, such as...

  1. What is Royal Blend struggling with? 
  2. What do you hope to get out of us managing your social media accounts?
  3. What values does your brand represent? 
  4. Who is your average customer?
  5. Who is your average social media follower? 

With this information and Royal Blend's trust, we began fully refurbishing their social media accounts to set their business up for success. We first conducted a deep dive of each account, where we paid attention to three particular aspects:

  1. Areas that needed informational updates
  2. Posts that needed to be removed due to repetition, lack of relevancy, or general errors
  3. General account insights associated with past post behavior

From this deep dive, we concluded that Royal Blend averaged about one post a month on both Facebook and Instagram. Their Facebook profile had around 1,300 likes and their Instagram profile had around 350 followers, the majority of which were loyal Royal Blend customers, friends, and family members. Aside from several repeated posts, there wasn't much consistency between post type, post behavior, and post results. This meant that we essentially had a clean slate to work with - lots of room for exploration!

With this information, we knew our first goal: increase Royal Blend's online reach among Metairie and New Orleans citizens. To get started, we asked ourself one question: how can we maintain high engagement rates while targeting a new demographic?

As of December 2021, we're on month one of this project. Check back in two months to read about the strategies we implement, dissect the analytic reports that result, and walk through the answer to our question.

Diving head first into the marketing world can be scary, but we're here to share all of our experiences along the way. We love working with business owners and finding ways to implement new creative directions that give them peace of mind in the agency they hired. Through updates like these, we look forward to sharing our triumphs, realizations, and lessons learned with anyone and everyone who is interested in our journey.


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