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We've seen it countless times: a business owner attempts to build their own website, but hundreds of dollars in subscription fees later...the site is unusable.

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If you've been there, it's okay! You're on the right track. Your business needs a website, but you don't need to spend $$$$$ and countless hours trying to do it yourself. Turning to an agency experienced in web design can save you from financial headaches, technological frustrations, and missed opportunities.

Our work with Delicious Sips is a prime example.

When Delicious Sips reached out to us, they were struggling to build an e-commerce website for their toll-roasting business. In particular, they wanted to integrate an option for customers to purchase their 12 oz. coffee bags online...but they couldn't quite figure it out. No worries - we were happy to step in and take over.

In a matter of weeks, we presented Delicious Sips with a brand new, fully responsive, beautifully designed website that incorporated every feature they hoped for.

What Delicious Sips Wanted

Delicious Sips needed a website that would provide potential new businesses with all the necessary information about their services, as well as the advantages of working with them. Additionally, they wanted to sell a variety of coffee and tea products produced fully in their roastery through their in-house brand, Majestic Coffee.

To ensure our final project operated flawlessly, we reviewed the work Delicious Sips had completed during their own website development attempt. Then, we began rebuilding their website from scratch, including a revamp of their branding elements. Check it out here.

How Do You Think We Did?

At the end of this project, Delicious Sips received a website with an elevated user experience, updated photography, search engine optimization, and data tracking tools to assist with viewing analytical insights, monitoring conversions, and running retargeted ad campaigns. Before going live, we met with them to walk through each component of their new website and ensure they had adept knowledge to manage the site and e-commerce store on their own.

While we were building the new Delicious Sips website, a potential lead reinforced the importance of a well designed website. This company had been considering working with Delicious Sips, but told them:

We ended up going with one of your competitors. Ultimately, the decision came down to their website and online reputation.

Even if your business is the best around, a poorly designed website can cost you major opportunities. When you go into a meeting, you know to dress professionally and present an organized plan - hold your website to the same standards.

Now, Delicious Sips is confident that their branding, website, and online presence reflect the work their business is capable of producing.

Our Reflections

We look forward to watching Delicious Sips Coffee Roasters continue to grow, and we'll be watching to see how these improved elements translate into higher conversion rates.

One of our favorite things about this business is helping our clients gain confidence in the tools we use. Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Ad Words, etc. can be extremely overwhelming if you're just starting out, which is why we provide a hands on approach with all of our clients. Even after a project has ended, we're happy to hop on a call and do what we can to keep our clients on track.

At the end of the day, we're here to be an asset to your business. We keep your marketing presence streamlined and powerful so that you can focus your energy on your true professional love: running your business.

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